what is your clan name?


know your clan name to know your identity. photo by Angelslover.com

Are clan names still relevant to the youth? do the have know of their identity? Clan names are praise names that identify and link people to each other through surnames and animals. They are called Izithakazelo in Zulu. It is shocking that many people of our generation do not know their clan names. Different cultures have different clan names which are important in identifying that clan or culture and its origins and yet many people do not care about this. Clan names are part of a person’s identity and not knowing it means one does not know themselves and their identity unless your clan does not have it, which is highly unlikely.

Does lack of knowledge for ones origin mean that they have lost their identity? Does it mean that people have forsaken who they are? See, clan names are an important aspect of the African tradition because they are used to identify different kingdoms and clans, link a person to their origin and are still relevant at funerals, parties and traditional ceremonies and are cited as a form of respect. Does this mean that the next generation will not know what clan names are and their importance in a person’s culture?