You may kiss the next, third, fourth and fifth bride…


A polygamist: President Jacob Zuma with three of his wives, (from left) Nompumelelo Ntuli, Thobeka Mabhija and Sizakele Khumalo. This tradition is accepted in the Zulu culture. Photo credit

Love is a beautiful thing, especially if you have found your soul mate and plan to share the rest of your lives together. That plan does not include other three to five or even in South African President Jacob Zuma’s case, six wives. This tradition of polygamy is still being practiced in many African cultures and while some are against it, some are for it. A polygamist is a man or woman but dominantly and usually it is a man who has more than one wife, yes more than one. This is usually practiced and seen acceptable for men only but why is it so and why do people still practice this?

I am not questioning culture or rebelling against it, if you are a polygamist it’s fine and its your lifestyle but what about those wives being forced to share a husband? What is the difference between marrying other women while still married and cheating? Is it because you have made this public and decided to marry another wife so that you can have the best of many worlds? Why should people subject themselves to such things, is it because culture accepts it, is it because of greed or is it just because you can?

 Sometimes for a man to have a second or even third wife, the relationship starts off as an affair, this brings mistrust, arguments and even diseases such as HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections in the household. Does this mean because marriage is proposed instead of keeping it a secret, it can no longer be regarded as cheating? When the justice of peace or the pastor introduces a man and woman as husband and wife,they mention that the two are now joined and are one, what about those other women that are to come later in the relationship, do they also make the ‘one’ or does this one have many other sides to it? 

I know many men practice this tradition and some are respected, for instance African kings get to have many different wives and it’s acceptable, but will this be respectable if a woman also has different husbands that she can come home to? This has some double standards to it, when a man marries more than one wife, it shows strength, character and it gives him status in the community, but when a woman has more than one husband, she is loose, she gets insults and it’s a taboo. Sometimes people need to think for all parties concerned, if a woman was to have many husbands and sleep with them all it would be a shame, but if a man has more than one wife and sleeps with them all, he is a champ, he is a real man. 

No one considers the feelings of the wife, she has to accept it because she vowed to be there through thick and thin. Yes through thick and thin, not through ‘being wife number 4’. People are form different households and follow different rules and traditions, so why is it that women are forced to live with each other for the benefit of one man and living with another stranger that they know nothing of. Sometimes tradition is not fair, but then again life itself is not fair itself. Love and marriage is a bond between two people, it’s not a bond between one man and a community of wives. 


You are politically incorrect young one.


A meme that summarizes some of the youth’s view on politics. Photo credit. 

Politics, politics, politics. Who is interested in them and who should be interested in them? I realized that many of my friends were not interested in politics and didn’t know much of many political figures. I am not political myself but there is a little knowledge around  the topic. We were sitting on campus and the upcoming elections for the student representative council were the topic for the day and the discussion did not go much further. We also discussed global politics, or at least tried to until that discussion also ran out of steam. I realized that they did not know and did not care. I wanted to know if this was only amongst my friends or if it was something around the youth.

I started asking young people about current political affairs, not only in varsity but on a global scale and realized  that many young people do not know. The only time they discuss politics is when something is trending on social media or a funny clip of parliament posted on YouTube. Many did not know certain political figures and their office. The youth is interested in ‘who was wearing what’ at a certain event but do not know what is happening in their country. I asked why wasn’t there any interest in politics and the answers were pretty much the same. Politicians speak a very different and difficult language, therefore making them hard to understand and they are boring. Therefore they don’t spark interest and entertain much unless something chaotic or ‘funny’ happens.

Not knowing the ‘not entertaining part’ because politics are pretty much serious, the running of a country cannot be funny and made entertaining, politicians can try speak a language that we all can understand so that people can be interested, learn and participate. Politics should not only be made  understandable during election time when politicians or candidates are looking for voters but it should be a daily thing. Politics are for anyone and everyone living in a certain country.