People will use you and abuse you. Learn

Imagine this, you want to eat cereal but you are out of milk, what do you do? You go to the shop, you buy milk and pay the shopkeeper his money. You get home and enjoy your cereal with milk. This is a mutually beneficial relationship. You didn’t take the milk and leave or the shopkeeper didn’t demand money without giving you your milk. This relationship is the type that you need in your life. A relationship in which you get something that benefits you and so does the other person. You can’t be in a one sided relationship. You can’t keep giving and giving and giving until there is nothing left to give. The other person can’t keep demanding and taking and asking all the time. That’s selfish and not only that but it’s toxic to you.

We all need each other, no man is an island. Even the richest person out there needs someone to share their riches with. We are human and we depend on each other, even for the smallest things. Thus we form relationships, however we need to be careful of the same relationships that we form. You need to know what you are getting from someone as much as you know what you are giving to them.

There are certain relationships or rather people you need to stay away from. You need to stay away from people who take advantage of you. People tend to use others and take advantage of them for various reasons. Sometimes it’s to feel superior and dominate them. This type of person you should beware of because they are bullies and you don’t need a bully in your life. Being bullied is not only physical, it can also be emotional. A person can make you do things you don’t want or say nasty things to you all the time. They can also make you smile and make you happy temporarily.

It doesn’t matter if they make you smile for five seconds. A smile for a few seconds is nothing compared to smiling for a life time because you are with the right person. You need to let go of such people who use and bully you emotionally and physically.

The worst thing about keeping people who use you around is that even if you tell them how you feel they will either act innocent, ask for forgiveness and repeat it all over again. These people are manipulative, they can lie, cheat and even charm their way out of any situation. It’s like being with a cheating boyfriend. When you confront him he will play the victim, lie, tell you what you want to hear and continue cheating. You can’t have that in your life. It’s unhealthy and you are not growing in such a relationship.

Sometimes you need to look at the situation and weigh your options. You can either stay with a person who will continue to abuse you and you will feel crappy about yourself or you can let go and cut off all toxic people in your life and grow as an individual. It’s all up to you.


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