Life is a journey and more often than not we lose our way but that’s the beauty of it. In losing our way, we find new routes, new destinations, new friends and throughout the journey we learn. Life presents us with challenges of pain, sorrow, hardship, loss, lack of direction and self doubt amongst others but it also brings the opportunities to live, dance, learn, love and ultimately to find happiness. So, no matter the destination, enjoy the journey.

This blog is about its tittle: life, love, lessons and happiness. You will mostly find advice and motivation but there are posts whereby I’m the one seeking advice and motivation. So with that said, or written rather, I hope you will enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy writing for you .

However I ask that we engage in a respectable manner. Our opinions and the way we see things may differ but that doesn’t mean we can’t converse in a tasteful manner. Vulger or any insensitive language towards other commentators or the blog itself will not be tolerated.

Happy reading and I hope to hear from you.



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