Why do we always need a Batman to save us?

Why does Gotham City need Batman, why does New York City need Spidey? Why do we need heroes? Why do we need someone to save us? Why is it that we always want someone to hold our hands? Why is it that we can’t do somethings for ourselves? Why? We always need to be pushed, we need to be told what to do and how to do it. Even if we know what to do we just need someone to tell us to do it. Why can’t we just do things ourselves? Why not just pick the broom up and sweep the floor without waiting for your mom to tell you to do it? Why not buy the grocery instead of hoping someone else will do it?

I sometimes get angry at myself when I look at all that I could’ve done instead of waiting for someone to tell me I can do it. I know I can do it, I have the capabilities to do it, I’m just lazy. I know I’m not the only one. You just sit there and think “starting my own logistics company would work, I know I’m good and transport management and I know where to start but…’. You always think or come up with great ideas but you never implement them and that’s the problem. Imagine if you were to get up and start that company by yourself without needing someone to tell you “hey that’s a very good idea.” Of course it’s a good idea, its just that you are so lazy that you are waiting for someone one to give you that company. Oh brother. No, I’m not judging harshly because I’ve been in that very same boat. We just need to get up. That’s it.

Imagine if Gotham city had no Batman, Gotham would probably still have crime but the police and other law enforcement officials would do their jobs. Police wouldn’t be lazying around eating donuts and taking breaks because they know that Batman is on it. The same way you don’t need someone to tell you to do something because you know you are able. You’ve got this.

When people offer to do things for us we often take advantage of it and ultimately feel that the person was supposed to do what they did even if it was our responsibility. We feel entitled. We have no sense of gratitude. Gotham believes that Batman should be out there looking for criminals, which is not the case. Batman could also be sitting at home, drinking his very expensive drinks. He doesn’t have to save anyone.

Once upon a time I also thought I needed someone to help me, someone to save me. Why couldn’t I just get up and save myself? Even if I would’ve failed, the point would be that I tried. Sometimes as a person you just need to be honest with yourself and do it for yourself. I’m not saying don’t ask for help, no. I’m just saying try it on your own and see how it goes before you depend on others.

We all have our own things to deal with and as much as we would like to help others , we first need to help ourselves. We need to gather up the courage to start a business instead of hoping someone will hire us. We must just master the courage to speak to that special someone with dimples and that oh so charming smile instead of sending our friends over to do it. In this life people can be there for you and at some point people can leave you. There are many reasons why people leave. That’s not what I’m focusing on. What I’m trying to show you is that people don’t always need to be with you or they won’t always be with you . One day you will be on your own. The question is when your support system leaves you one day how will you survive? How will you know that you need to cross your t’s and dot your i’s. If you are so used to people doing things for you when will you ever do anything for yourself. When will you grow up?

Trust me if I had my own Batman to fix every single mess I’ve made then I’d be the happiest person around but I’d also be the most useless person around too. What would I be good at? How would ie know my talents ? How would I learn from any mistake and how would I make mistakes in the first place because as long as Batman is there I wouldn’t need to do anything. I’d just need to breathe.

Heroes are good for a certain period in time. The same way as asking for help. You can only ask for so much. You can’t keep asking for help on things you know and you are good at. Yes, you can ask for advice and listen to certain opinions and even put those to work. That doesn’t mean you should become a leech.

Save yourself once in a while . Be independent , take a chance, fall off and get back up. I always do my happy dance when I’ve actually completed or achieved something on my own. So imagine doing your own happy dance when you finally achieve something without being nagged, pushed or better yet, without Batman. There is nothing wrong with asking for help but there is also nothing wrong with doing it yourself. Who knows you might also develop your own happy dance.


Learn to appreciate your own.

Why should we look outside our own countries to find inspiration?

A group of students will be hosting a female empowerment seminar and they have very interesting pictures on their poster. The poster was suppose to depict strong, empowering and beautiful women such as Beyoncé, Oprah Winfrey, Michele Obama  and other American influential and powerful women. I looked at the poster and the poster is made by South Africans in South Africa with women from America. I am not hating on these women, they truly have been an inspiration and played vital roles in how women are perceived today but what puzzled me is that couldn’t they find South African women for the poster to make it more relevant or am I just being a spiteful blogger?

It’s not about being a patriot or anything like that, it’s just that when will people start appreciating their own. There are women such as Lilian Ngoyi, Miriam Makeba, Sibongile Khumalo, the current Bonang Matheba to name a few. Can’t we celebrate them and see them as women who have made a success of themselves, some in politics, some as humanitarians and some in the entertainment industry?

I looked at the media as a whole and realized that maybe the reason we do not celebrate our own is because the only way many women are depicted in media is in a scandalous story or just in bad light. None of their achievements are highlighted like many of the mistakes that they have made. Yes they make mistakes, they are human too. But then I realized that people are now focused on the gossip and the flashy lifestyle that they do not want to become like humanitarians and politicians but only want fame and are focused of the gossips that come with it. It’s trending and it’s what makes them relevant.

Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka United Nations Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director of UN Women. She was South African Deputy President from 2005 to 2008.   Photo credit: http://www.iisd.co.za

I have no problem in Beyoncé being a role model for people by why can’t Bonang also be a role model, I don’t have a problem against Hillary Clinton being called a powerful politician but what about Phumzile Mlambo Ngcuka. These women are the golden jewels of their countries, they have a big influence on people but South Africa also has its own diamonds too, not only South Africa but every country has its own forceful and powerful women that have shaped it and it’s culture. People need to identify with their own and not celebrate people from other countries only. They are a global inspiration, yes but they are also representing their country, who is representing this country?