Stuff it, I’m jumping without a parachute and I’m starting over.

I poured myself a cup of coffee and wondered how to start this post. So here goes: I began this blog back in varsity thinking I was a good writer and the world needed to hear what I had to say. I love writing and I’m passionate about it and in my eyes that qualified me as a good writer, boy was I wrong. The truth is I am not a good writer, I am learning to become a writer and if I become a good one then awesome and if I become a great one, even better. Honestly when I began this blog I had dreams of readers flocking to my site and reading the little nuggets of wisdom I had to offer. Isn’t that what we all want though, an audience. Someone to hear or read what we have to say, someone who trusts in what we say and believes in us. I also wanted that but I wasn’t patient enough and I was doing something very wrong.

The truth is I wasn’t being myself, I was trying to be a political analyst, a spokesperson and everything else but myself. I wasn’t using my voice. I was trying to be different, astute and I wanted to become something I was not. I realise now that by trying to be someone else I killed myself and my love for writing so I stopped blogging. After less than 10 posts I stopped blogging. I had to get back to the drawing board, I had to find myself and what I stood for. What I wanted to give to the world out there and that’s when I realised that I needed to resurrect my blog. I needed to start over as me.

I had to change my approach. I had to give birth to a blog that is mine. A blog that resembled me and what I stand for. I had to give it my voice, give it a new life.
It’s like having a baby in a way. You want that child to succeed, to be adored by the masses, to be understood, to be the best. You want that child to resemble you, to have your qualities. Your smile, your brown eyes because you identify yourself in that child and you want the world to see that that’s your baby. In the same way, I want my blog to have my personality, my mind, simplicity and yet be engaging. I just want people to read it and identify the realness. So I had to start over, better this time.

We all get that moment when we realise that we need to just stop and start over. To find ourselves first and our place in the universe before we can venture off into any project. The method in Hollywood movies it to take your napsack, run away from it all, find a secluded place (usually a village or a jungle, I don’t know why the jungle but hey it works for some), find others on the same journey as you, share stories of life and sing Kumbaya till the Sun rises but the truth is that doesn’t work for everyone. You don’t have to run away to find yourself. Sometimes you can just switch your phone off (hha and how will you read my blog?), I’m kidding, switch it off or not, be alone for sometime, stare at yourself in the mirror, ask yourself questions, be true to yourself, try to find who you are and just take that one step to a journey of self discovery and if need be, start over.

Don’t forget your past, there are some very valuable lessons there and some scary skeletons that you have to face but that’s the whole idea, face your past and you will face yourself. However saying that you should not forget your past doesn’t mean you should hang onto it and re-live it. The past is there to teach not to hold you back and hold you hostage in your future.
That’s the reason I didn’t remove my previous posts. They are a part of my journey into this cyber world. They serve as a teacher and a reminder that sometimes a formula that works for others might not work for you. What’s good for the goose might not be good for the gander.

I realise that starting over is not easy. There can be certain things holding you back on life. It can be fear of letting go of what you are used to or just fear of the unknown. We get held back by our circumstances, what will people say, what will I do now? We marry all negativity and harbour the ‘What if’ syndrome and we don’t realise that by doing so we hinder ourselves from living to our fullest potential. What if I’m not good enough, what if someone has already written about this, what if I don’t get an audience, what if, what if, what if? However here is the thing, what if I am good enough, what if I succeed and I become a better writer and grow as a human being. Sometimes the only thing standing in our way is the man in the mirror. We need to believe in ourselves so much that we are not afraid to start, to fail or to let go.

I won’t lie I’m scared of falling again or failing or even losing myself as I go along but that’s just the thing about starting a new journey, it be blogging or starting afresh as a single woman or even being a first time mother. Nothing is guaranteed and life doesn’t come with a manual but as we go along we learn. We stumble, we fall, we hurt, we let go, we fail or we achieve greatness, the idea is to just keep moving on and keep starting. We learn that in failure there are lessons, in success we gather the methods and structures of how to continue and when we fall we get back up and we believe ourselves to be stronger.

There is no manual on how to be the best writer, if there was trust me all bloggers would have the Pulitzer prize in writing. There is no manual on how to become the best there ever was. It’s the same way in life, there is no manual on how to be the perfect human being. There is the bible, the Qur’an, other religious books and self help books on how to be good and noble but there isn’t a proven method on how to be perfect. We would have no sinners at all , we would be perfect but the truth is we are all human and somewhere along the road we lose ourselves and we fall. It’s just the way life is. I fell and now I’m getting back up again.
This is my start and I might stumble or fall somewhere down the line or learn and become good at writing, the idea is to keep moving on.

So with my cold cup of coffee, as I stare at this screen and wonder if this is good enough to post, I hope someone somewhere will also say “stuff it, I’m jumping without a parachute and I’m starting over”. See a new day as a blank page and write your own story but for you to do that you have to start somewhere. So when I post this and venture again into this world with my eyes shut, I hope that you will also start something. Here goes everything…


Social media experience on blogging

 A picture of some of the theme se this blog focuses on.

The themes on this blog vary as it focuses on the social and cultural factors that affect the society as a whole. Things that are not easy to talk about because many fear of what others might think of them and how they will perceive them. The various articles chosen show
different problems faced by the society such as race, identity and fighting for what others think is right.

The article of Skin bleaching in Sowetan covers on the dangers of the chemicals used and it is a relevant article to this blog because it focuses on a life style trend but also on race. Articles such as that of Strikers who are looking for better services, such articles have a poor depiction of people, showing them as violent, instead of showing the cause in which they are fighting for, this article is biased and based only on the violence and not the needs of protesters. Another article that is relevant to the theme is that of foreign mothers who are refused help because of their nationality, such issues are relevant to life style and social factors such as personal health. Health and race still being a major social factor, the article on albinism is important in showing how people with albinism are treated and that they should be treated fairly instead of being treated like outcasts. Yet on a different note, even though technology is improving, the right to privacy is being ignored and people can hack phones and much cannot be done so people should check their androidmobiles, this has an impact on personal life styles of the society.
 An overall view of what the blog is about.

When these articles were tweeted on, there wasn’t any response, which might have been due to people not being interested or not using much of Twitter to raise awareness on these tweets and articles and also not participating in other Twitter users content.

Given the opportunity to tweet again on these articles I would use Twitter more often to follow others, tweet, retweet and like their content so that they could like mine too and also, I would engage in Twitter more often.

To reveal or not to reveal…


photo credit: google.

Oh internet, the mother of insanity, beauty and all that is strange and naked in the world. Thou art troublesome. You know those days when you happen to scroll through your phone and boom! All of a sudden you need to wash out your eyes because you saw a naked person on your feed. Why or maybe why not? Is it wrong, is it not? Should or shouldn’t it be on the net? You see, the best thing about the Internet is that through the use of social media we can express ourselves and establish our personal brand. We are seen and heard. However some people become a bit extreme in expressing themselves.

Not everyone is comfortable seeing someone else’s junk but some are happy to share. My question is: when is it too much and when is it enough? When is it artistic and when does it delve in the world of the naked, the world of…dare I say it? The world of porn. Is it the same? Let’s come to this issue of pornography, many porn actors are shown nude most of the time, with little or no clothing at all and society used to reject this form of depiction, calling it a taboo but now being naked on social media is not frowned upon like before, in fact it’s a trend, its self expression. What changed?

Being in the nude is not only for porn actors now, many celebrities post racy pictures on their accounts and due to that a lot of people follow the trend. I mean if Kim Kardashian can show off her ‘assets’ then why not the average Joe? We choose what we want to do. What others find distasteful, others find sexy. Its all on how a person feels. Which leads to the definition of sexy. Does sexy mean being naked? why do we post nudes? Is it pop culture, how the media portrays what sexy looks like, is it because we are so comfortable in our own skin that it really doesn’t matter what we show? What is it?

Seems like there is more to this than just being naked. We can’t really judge people on what they choose to share on the internet. The only thing that can be done about seeing nudes on your phone is to either enjoy them (hahaha) or block and scroll. The internet offers a lot of options. Whether people choose to show their privates or not is entirely up to them. If its a form of art and or self expression then good for them. Whether its the media, personal choise or whatever that makes a person post nudes, if it makes them happy then good. Maybe we the sensitive should just block and keep scrolling.